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The scent of hay and mountain air

A mountain summer like in the good old days.

The summer wind on the mountains whistles soft melodies of joie de vivre. The seven Churfirsten line up like the spikes of a crown. Below them: deep blue mountain lakes, rolling hills, a perfect green world as far as the eye can see. And you at the heart of it all. Hiking, biking, relaxing in unspoilt nature.

Sounds idyllic

5 minutes to the Klangweg

The popular walk with sound installations.

The only way is up

Get to the top in comfort with the cable cars.

Family paradise

Nature experiences and offers for young and old.

Free hire

E-bikes, backpacks and binoculars for your excursions.

In every direction

Pleasure trails for the leisurely, summit tours for the ambitious, themed trails for the inventive and inquisitive: You will be in hiking heaven in Toggenburg! If you stay at Stump's Alpenrose, you can even set off car-free.

The beauty of biking

Whether on gravelled forest paths or fast-paced meadow trails, whether sweating on the mountain, relaxed on an e-bike or having fun with the family: The hills and valleys of Toggenburg are best "experienced" on the saddle.

Watery wonderland
Wildly rushing or as smooth as glass

On one side rushing water, on the other calm mountain lakes. The idyllic Schwendisee is just a "jump" away and like the Thur Waterfalls, is well worth a visit. We reveal our favourite experiences in and around the water.

A view to a change

In the high valley between Säntis and Churfirsten, a harmonious sense of excitement and relaxation await.

Offers and packages

Never miss a bargain

Pleasurable and personal

Our culinary highlights

Sound and culture

Musical highlights in Toggenburg.

Excursions and agenda

Experiences and events in the area.