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Mountain breeze and balsam for the soul
The island of tranquillity on Schwendisee.

Body and mind in harmony

Adagio – strength lies in stillness.

In our spa hotel in the Swiss Alps, the greatest source of relaxation is just a jump away: In summer you can immerse yourself in the Schwendisee or in a good book on the meadow. But you will also find everything you need to feel good at the hotel: from finarium to fitness equipment and from mountain hut sauna to Kneipp cold water cure. Our masseuses and beauticians are also dab hands when it comes to beauty and relaxation.


Mountain hut sauna, brine and herbal steam bath.

Pristine panorama

Clear views of the Toggenburg mountains.

Total relaxation

Relaxation room with tea bar and massage beds.

Looked after well

With massages and cosmetic treatments.

The great outdoors and nature is the largest and most effective wellness area. We know all about that in Wildhaus. Nevertheless, we have also provided the odd islands of tranquillity in the hotel.

Barbara Schlochow - Wellness Manager
Cowbells instead of ringtones
Waking up refreshed is in our nature.

"Comfortable, beautiful wellness and sports hotel. Very nicely located, nice service, quiet, beautiful wellness oasis.

We'll be back!"

The summit of serenity

In our spa hotel in the Swiss Alps, energy levels are replenished in no time.

Water and warmth

Baths and saunas at a glance.

Day spa and deep breaths

An overview of your holiday.

Beauty and treatments

Expert care

Don´t sit, get fit

Tone your muscles in the weight room.