Stump’s Alpenrose

Diversity is convincing!

To be here,  high above the valley floor and with a spectacular view, a place in nature between lakes, pastures and mountains. Far away from it all, but with everything you need.


Seven Mountains, Seven Hosts, Seven times WELCOME!

Stump’s Wellness

Oasis for wellbeing and recovery

Pleasure of senses and aroma scents | Health and regenerate | Muscle strength and endurance |
Body and soul | Whirlpool and Schwendi Lake |
kneippen and inflammation cupping | Hakuna matata

virtual tour of our wellness area:


The place for kicking back and dream holiday

To be gone and to arrive | Turn off and reboot | Out-time and return |
Birds chirping and tummy growling | Bookworms and lazy sleepers |
Noise free and middle point | Friendly service and” to be”


Root for lust and enjoyment

Bloder-cheese and Schlorziflade pie | Homebaked and oven fresh | Venison and Vegan |
Homemade and preserves | Fresh and local |
Overlooking and inviting | Delightful and personal


Room for Inspiration and creativity

Focus and views | Brainstorming and mountain air | Teamwork and experience |
Meeting and holiday feeling | Mindsetting and wildflowers | Off site and authenticy |
Visions and down to earth


Origin for resonance and silence

Piano and forte | Inspire and listen | Yodeling and yelling | Listening and feeling | Customs and traditions | Cow Bells and clang sessions | Clangsmith and Bells