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Winter walking

Trudge through the snow of the Toggenburg winter wonderland.

It's nice to hike in the sparkling white! Snow covered tree tops adorn the wintry panorama of Churfirsten. In Toggenburg, 50 kilometres of groomed winter hiking trails lead through snow-covered landscapes and you can also leave your tracks in the soft powder snow with snowshoes.

Our Laternliweg around the Schwendisee is illuminated each day during the festive season, or on weekends from dusk until around 9 pm.

Cindy Stump

Stump's Laternliweg

Even icy winter evenings become heart-warmingly beautiful on our lantern-light Laternliweg. You can trudge around the banks Schwendisee in the soft light of the lanterns. The lantern-lit path along the shore gives the enchanting landscape a fairytale feel. Cold hands will quickly warm up again with a hot chocolate or a cup of mulled wine in the hotel.

Never tired of the snow

You will be surprised how many sides there are to winter in Wildhaus. Here are our tips.

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