Our Story, Stump’s Alpenrose

Stump’s greatgrandfather Anselm acquires the property „Schwendi“, builds a house for
his family of 9 children, with an emdbroidery factory and a barn for the animals.
The economic crises forces the closure of the embroidery business. Grandfather
Anton and his neighbors build a Sawmill, which they run as a cooperative business together.
In the empty embroidery rooms Anton and wife Emma start a “Wirtschaft zur Alpenrose”
A small restaurant where the lumberjacks can refresh themselves after a long day at the
Mill. Soon the “Alpenrose” becomes a local gathering place for the locals and the workers as well.
Guests, hikers and nature lovers visit the Schwendisee Lake and search for place to
sleep and have a nice meal. These needs are quickly suited to the public and Stumps build 2 guest rooms in their private house, one double room and one single room.
Now the small restaurant turns into a small Guest house. “Gasthaus zur Alpenrose”
1938 – 1953
Father Niklaus wins as a winter athlete the 4’er Combination (Downhill, Slalom, Ski jumping and Crosscountry with a 4th place at the Olympics, then 7 Swiss Championships and various International
competions. In 1953 he ends his athletic career and marries JosefineWiggli from Seewen in Solothurn.
1953 – 1984
Father Niklaus and mother Josefine make the “Alpenrose” into a modern family and sport hotel.
Both sons Birger and Roland joined their parents after graduating from Hotel Management School in Lucern. After the construction of new rooms and a whole tract of Conference and Seminar Rooms the hotel becomes one of the biggest Seminar and Conference Hotel’s in eastern Switzerland.
The family invests in the coming years again and again, the Hotel now consists of 5 Conference room, 50 guest rooms and restaurant and dining rooms up to 500 people. The unique location, the personal service and quality shows in all 5 Generations.
At the end of th year 2013, Birger and Marlise Stump decide to end their career in the hotel and Roland Stump takes over as sole owner. With around 30 employees Roland runs the Hotel with their support.
Vivien Stump, the oldest of 3 children enters the hotel business after her completion of the Hotel Management School in Lucern, following in the footsteps of her father .
On June 30th the construction of the Klanghaus at the Schwendisee Lake was voted on by the population of the State of St. Gallen. This decision is the beginning of a new Epoch in the story of Stump’s Alpenrose. All around this new building and idea, the start of a whole new Klang-campus will evolve the hotel into a new and innovative area in the Valley of the Toggenburg!