Fresh and local

Preservatives and artificial flavors are banned from the Alpenrose kitchens. The kitchen team, under the leadership of Stefan Radzuweit, believe in using local produce for freshly prepared food. This means that the culinary delights on offer are genuine and come without unnecessary frills. Thanks to the well-thought out menu, there is also a balanced selection to choose from.

Virtual tour through the banquet rooms:


Wild or romantic

Or both: Game specialties by candlelight. We like to eat and we like to eat well. And that's the way we cook too. Whether French-inspired dishes or a more traditional cui-sine of the local region, we are committed to using and serving exclusively local pro-duce and fresh seasonal ingredients. Our meals are of course best accompanied by a little treasure from our tastefully assorted wine cellar.


Wine cellar for wine connoisseurs

Because Roland Stump himself is such a wine lover, you know that he is going to have a tasteful selection of wines in his cellar. Over 200 different kinds represent a faithful cross-section of the wine on offer in Switzerland and from the classic Euro-pean provenances of Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. On his travels in search of the right wines, Roland Trump gets to know a lot of winemakers personally and is al-ways discovering new finds for his guests back at the Alpenrose.

The wine list covers over 200 different wines and in addition to three wines of the month, which are often given as gifts, offers a selection of around 10 special wines selected by Roland Stump.


A reason to celebrate

There doesn't always have to be a reason to celebrate. That is why every so often we just come up with a festive occasion as an excuse for you to have a good time. So-metimes we'll spoil you with our cuisine, sometimes with music - and sometimes with both. - And what about your very own personal event? The Alpenrose is of course al-so a perfect location for you. So let the party begin!

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